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XP-- 5" U.S. High Rise

Full Length Sight Rib with regular hooded front and Williams Peep
Also available with .080 or .100 notch rear sight

10" Barrel $208.00
12" Barrel $218.00
Short Rib Set $180.00

You can add Weaver-Style Rings to the KL Full Length
Sight Rib for NRA Hunter's Pistol

KL Mid-Rise Mount for unlimited standing or IHMSA field position.


TC - New Style HP/FP

Extension Mount
XP-100 UAS Extension Mount

TC 3" Mid-Rise

Anschutz 4" High Rise $150.00
Anschutz Extension Mount $120.00

T/C Barrel
10" Barrels with TACO HOLD HOOD $218.00
12" Barrels with TACO HOLD HOOD $220.00
Both Available With Williams Peep Sight


Ken Light's Full Length Sight Rib is designed to add versatility to Thompson Center Contender 10" or 12" Production barrels.

BC 1000
Automatic Case Annealer

Automatically anneals 1,000 case necks per hour. Increases brass life and improves accuracy. Ensures proper chamber seal. A must for forming wildcat cartridges. Comes complete with one cartridge head wheel. Additional wheels available, .22 Hornet to .50 cal. BMG.